Insurance Denials and Reductions

You hold up your end of the bargain and pay insurance premiums for years and years.  When you file a legitimate insurance claim you expect your insurance company to pay the claim and not treat you like “just another number.”  You cooperate fully with your insurance company, providing them with a statement and all the documents they ask for.  Result — your claim is denied or reduced to a fraction of what you deserve. This is the subject of our topic- Insurance Denials and Reductions.

The unfortunate truth is that insurance companies wrongfully deny and reduce legitimate insurance claims on a daily basis making consumers and small businesses chase the insurance companies to get paid on legitimate claims.  The following types of insurance companies routinely deny and reduce legitimate claims:

  • Auto Insurance Companies
  • Homeowners Insurance Companies
  • Commercial Insurance Companies
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Life Insurance Companies
  • Disability Insurance Companies

A wrongfully denied or reduced insurance claim can put a family or small business on the brink of bankruptcy.  The insurance companies give many different reasons for denying and reducing claims.  When a claim is wrongfully denied or reduced consumers and small businesses are left to pay for the loss with their own money.

Do I Have Any Rights in Massachusetts When An Insurance Company Denies or Reduces My Claim?

The good news is that there are laws that prevent an insurance company from getting away with denying or reducing a legitimate insurance claim.  In Massachusetts, an insurance company is required to take certain steps before denying or reducing a claim and it is also required to live up to its policy language.  If an insurance company fails to follow the law, it could have to pay up to three times the denied or reduced amount of your claim and pay your attorney’s fees and costs.

How Do I Contact Phillips & Garcia to Talk to An Attorney for Free on My Denied or Reduced Insurance Claim?

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