Consumer Class Action Lawsuits

Consumer Class Action Lawsuits

As consumers, you put your trust and hard earned dollars in the hands of corporations, banks, and insurance companies every time you do business. In return for that business, you are guaranteed protections under the law when those companies fail to live up to their end of the bargain. Read more below on Consumer Class Action Lawsuits.

While the voice of one wronged consumer can easily fall on deaf ears, consumer class action lawsuits are the people’s voice, allowing individuals and families who have been taken advantage of the right to seek justice after they have been cheated, scammed  or mislead by the unfair or deceptive practices of a company or employer they trusted.

The experienced Massachusetts class action lawyers at Phillips & Garcia have over 10 years of experience defending the rights of consumers against corporate greed and helping those victims receive the financial justice they never would have been able to achieve on their own.


How Do Consumer Class Action Lawsuits Work?

Unlike other types of civil litigation, class action lawsuits can help the interests of everyone who has fallen victim to the unfair and deceptive business practices of a company who put profits before fairness to consumers and employees.

One of the general purposes of class action lawsuits is to give the common person the power to take on Big Corporations or private entities – who can afford the very best legal services – and ensure that those companies are held accountable for unfair business practices which deprived consumers and employees of hard earned money.

If you have been mislead or treated unfairly by a credit card company, mortgage lender, cable or phone company, an insurance company, your employer or a large retailer, you may have questions such as:

  • How do I file a lawsuit against a business or corporation?
  • How do I know if my case can be brought as a class action case?
  • What are the benefits of filing a class action lawsuit?
  • Do I have to pay the class action attorneys’ legal fees and expenses?
  • Can I file a class action lawsuit with a local Massachusetts attorney?

The class action attorneys at Phillips & Garcia know how to combat large corporations and can answer these questions and more.

Get your questions answered about:

  • Credit Card Scams, Rate Hikes, and Fees
  • Insurance Company Denials and Claim Reductions
  • Forced Placed Insurance
  • Insurance Company Policy Cancelations
  • Abusive Debt Collectors
  • Wrongful Internet Transaction Scams
  • Phone and Cable Termination and Reinstatement Fees
  • Wage and Hour Cases and Employee Misclassification Cases
  • Illegal Bank Loans and Fees
  • Privacy Class Actions
  • Disclosure of Private Financial or Medical Information

Get the Justice & Compensation You Deserve

Our firm is devoted to helping you and other victims of unfair corporations seek the justice and financial compensation you deserve. We are dedicated to handling your case with the compassion, professionalism, and legal expertise necessary to protect your rights as a consumer.

If you have been scammed, ripped off, mislead or wronged  by a company or employer you trusted, remember that you have the right to hold that company accountable for the money it has deprived innocent consumers and employees. Phillips & Garcia are committed to giving you a voice!

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To learn more about class action lawsuits in Massachusetts, request a FREE copy of our book Do I Have A Massachusetts Class Action Case? The Ultimate Hands-On Guide to Wage and Hour and Consumer Class Action Cases in Massachusetts.

A Sample of Class Action Settlements Where Phillips & Garcia
Was Either Lead Counsel and/or Co-Counsel with Other Law Firms

  • $100 Million class action settlement against Providian Financial Corp. for packing their customers’ statements with various fictitious and unauthorized credit card charges.
  • $100 Million class action settlement against General Electric Capital Corp. for collecting credit card debts discharged in bankruptcy.
  • $30 Million combined class action settlements against Florida automobile insurers for reducing PIP medical expense claims based on the application of PPO discounts.
  • $13 Million (approx. value) class action settlement against TOUSA, C. A. (a real estate developer who rescinded on approximately 90 property sales in Naples, FL including the New Bedford class representative’s property) for breach of the form P&S and unfair and deceptive acts and practices.
  • $10 Million class action settlement value against Webloyalty.Com, Inc. for charging consumers memberships in a discount club as part of online transactions with certain online retailers.
  • $6 Million class action settlement against Mulligan, as CJAM, DCAM and Bristol County Commissioners (estimated $6M in benefits for physical modifications and administrative changes to 6 Bristol County courthouses and 3 registries of deeds to bring them in compliance with the ADA).
  • $500,000 class action settlement against First USA Bank for mailing credit cards to consumers who had not requested them.
  • $410,000 class action settlement against PCS, Inc. and Banker’s Life Insurance Company for charging illegal health insurance co-payments due to the wrongful designation of the generic breast cancer drug, Tamoxifen, as a brand-name drug.