Do I Need the Original of My Massachusetts Deed?

This is a real question that I get asked ALLLLLLL the time.  Do I Need the Original of My Massachusetts Deed?

Too many homeowners think that they need to keep the original of their deed and fret over about getting a safe deposit box or even a safe to protect it.  There’s even a company that sends out solicitations that look “official” and which say they’ll get a certified copy of your deed for you for a pretty hefty fee because some government website recommends that everyone have a certified copy on hand.

This is all bogus! Believe it or not, no one really needs the original of the deed to their house in Massachusetts. A deed is the legal document whereby an owner to land (usually the “seller” in a real estate transaction) transfers all of their rights to that land to someone else (usually the “buyer” or the current home owner).But, unlike the title to a car, you don’t need your original deed to transfer your title to someone else if you decide to sell your land. You’re actually going to prepare a new deed to do that. And there’s a complete copy of your deed that’s kept on file forever at the Registry of Deeds in the County where your house or land is.

And as to those companies sending you solicitations to obtain a certified copy of your deed to you for a fee, at least two Attorneys General in the U.S. are suing them for false and misleading claims.