Yarmouth Woman Seriously Injured in Car Wash


March 12, 2010 – Yarmouth – A Yarmouth resident was seriously injured recently when she became stuck in a car wash and dragged by the machinery. According to reports at WALB.com, 74-year-old Carol Burton-Gorman stepped out of her car to start the car wash when she became trapped by the moving parts of the car wash. She was dragged nearly 50 feet until the car wash came to a stop. The reports did not indicate when the car wash accident occurred.

Investigators have not said how Burton-Gorman became trapped in the car wash and they have not identified the actual car wash where the accident took place. The victim said her hip was twisted at an odd angle in the accident, which caused pelvic fractures. Burton-Gorman is being treated for her personal injuries at an unnamed Massachusetts hospital.

Police continue to investigate the car wash incident, but they have told NBC that their initial understanding is that the whole event was just an unfortunate accident. However, they will continue their investigation to ensure that there was nothing more at play in this car wash accident. 


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