What to Look For in a Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer

Choosing the right Massachusetts personal injury lawyer can make all the difference in your personal injury case. Before retaining the services of any attorney, it’s important to consider several vital qualifications, as well as their personality and interest in your specific type of injury claim.

Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer Qualifications

A natural starting point for determining the qualifications of your personal injury attorney is to ensure that he or she is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts. After you have made that determination, there are several other points to consider:


  • Years of experience – How long have they been helping accident victims? How many cases have they won?
  • Practice areas – Do they have experience with your type of Massachusetts accident?
  • Free consultations – Have they offered to discuss your injury case for free?
  • Contingent Fees – Do they collect fees if your personal injury case does not award you a settlement?
  • Communication skills – You’ll be working closely with your attorney for a long time, so it’s important that your personalities mesh well and you’re your attorney demonstrates that they respect your time and energy by communicating effectively.


For more information on why you need a Massachusetts personal injury attorney, visit our library.

You’ll have many concerns after a major accident. Your Massachusetts personal injury attorney should specialize in your type of case and make your life easier by helping you through all of the legal complications of filing a Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit.

The Massachusetts personal injury attorneys at Phillips & Garcia will fight for your rights in your personal injury case. We are committed to protecting your best interests and helping you collect the damages you need and deserve to move on with your life. If you have been injured in a Massachusetts accident, contact Phillips & Garcia today to schedule your FREE legal consultation – (877) 892-5620.

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