What to Do On The Day Of Your Independent Medical Exam

Your Massachusetts personal injury lawyer has informed you that you must undergo an independent medical exam. The day of your IME has now arrived. How should you handle it?

Suggestions for Handling Your Independent Medical Exam

Stay calm and focused. Don’t think of this as a test that you have to pass. Relax and treat the exam as you would any normal doctor’s appointment.
Be punctual. Try to arrive at least 15 minutes early for your scheduled meeting. Being late for your independent medical exam may reflect poorly on you and your injury claim.

Bring documentation. Be sure to have with you all relevant medical documentation from your initial medical evaluation. This may include test results, X-rays, treatment recommendations, and any other notes from previous doctor visits concerning your accident injuries.

Be forthcoming. Tell the examining doctor all about your pain, injuries, and disabilities. Also point out the effects that they have on your daily routine and overall health.

Be truthful. Whatever happens, do not lie about your health or injuries or exaggerate their effects. This may lead the doctor to suspect fraud, which could have damaging implications for your Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit.

Be discreet. There are certain topics which should not be spoken about during your independent medical exam. These include previous discussions with your attorney, the status of your case or settlement talks, possible compensation amounts, and your thoughts on the fault or liability of the defendant.

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Legal Representation for your Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawsuit

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