What can I expect during an independent medical exam?

You have been instructed to undergo an independent medical examination as a condition of your personal injury lawsuit. Your attorney has probably told you to think of this exam as just another doctor’s appointment. But what exactly will the IME physician be looking for?

Below are some key areas which the examining doctor will be studying.

Overall Appearance

This may include how you stand or move, how you maintain your personal hygiene, and how hard it is for you to climb up onto and dismount from the examining table.

Injury Documentation

This will typically encompass X-rays, CT scans, MRI reports, and EMG nerve conduction studies, as well as the results of any tests performed during your initial doctor’s visit.

Subjective Injury Manifestations

The doctor may have you perform several simple movements (such as bending over or rotating your shoulder) to gauge the amount of pain or discomfort you are experiencing.

Additional Contributory Factors

The physician may attempt to discern any additional ailments, diseases, or other sources which may be causing your pain or injury symptoms – especially those which may have occurred before or after your accident.

Signs of Fraud

The examining doctor will be hyper-vigilant in watching for any signs of deception, exaggeration, or misinformation regarding your symptoms. This is why you should be completely honest and forthcoming throughout the examination. If you aren’t, the doctor may conclude that your claim is fraudulent – which can dramatically affect the outcome of your personal injury lawsuit.

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