Types of Compensation Available After a Massachusetts Car Accident

When filing a personal injury claim in Massachusetts after a car accident, there are a few different types of monetary damages that you may seek. The type of personal injury damages you seek will depend on the outcome of the car accident and will comprise a significant portion of your personal injury claim.

Listed below are the types of damages that may be included a Massachusetts personal injury claim after a car accident:


  • Medical bills, including those immediately following your accident as well as the long-term medical care your injuries will require
  • Accident related expenses such as having to build wheelchair ramps for your home, rehabilitation therapy, transportation costs, and so on
  • Property damage including the repair costs associated with your vehicle
  • Pain and suffering, which refers to the severity of pain you suffered and how long that pain is expected to last
  • Negative emotional or mental anguish as a result of the car accident;
  • Long-term inability to earn money (if permanent injuries were caused);
  • Lost wages due to work you missed while recovering from your accident injuries


The damages awarded in each case will depend on the severity of each of the factors listed above as well how many parties are liable for your injuries, their insurance coverage, and other considerations. Your Massachusetts personal injury lawyer can help you examine the evidence in your case and help you file a personal injury claim to recoup those expenses.

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