Soldier returns home from Iraq to foreclosure

Currently under the Service Members Civil Relief Act, active-duty soldiers are protected against foreclosure unless the foreclosure is court ordered. In this specific case, JP Morgan is foreclosing on the home of Soldier Aaron Collette who lives with his father, Tim Collette. Since Aaron is not the owner of the home, this case does not fall under the current Service Members Civil Relief Act, allowing JPMorgan to follow through with the repurchasing of Tim Collette’s home.

In previous articles reporting on this case, Tim feared about his son worrying about having a home upon return from Iraq rather than focusing on his mission and survival. It seems as though Tim’s fear had come true.

“To have to worry about if he is going to be in a house when i come home,” Aaron Collette told KTVZ, “it’s just always worries me.”

The day Aaron returned home from duty, JP Morgan repurchased the home.

Collette is not the only soldier involved in controversial military-related foreclosures. Recently the Justice Department agreed to a $22 million settlement with Bank of America’s Saxon Mortgage Services to provide help for 170 active-duty service members who have fallen victim to imporper foreclosure proceedings.

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