Rotator Cuff Tears and Other Shoulder Injuries Are Common in Car Accidents

A shoulder injury, especially a rotator cuff tear or a “floating shoulder,” are much more common in car accidents than people may think. Because of the complexity of the shoulder joint, it is very prone to injury caused in a car accident.

Generally, there are 10 different types of shoulder injuries that can be commonly caused in car accidents, compared to 8 types of injuries to the hips, 5 types to the spine and 2 types to the ankles. While there is no one specific type of shoulder injury that is caused most often in car accidents, rotator cuff tears and “floating shoulder” injuries are common.

Rotator cuff injuries are caused when weaknesses are incurred to the muscles that hold the ball-and-socket joint in place. This type of trauma affects the stability of the joint.  Rotator cuff injuries can occur when the humerus (upper arm bone) is pushed into the shoulder socket, such as that from the impact that a passenger may feel in a car accident. With a rotator cuff injury, any movement that requires the shoulder blade to be raised can be very painful or impossible depending on the degree of the injury.

“Floating shoulder” occurs when the collarbone or shoulder blade breaks. The break causes the shoulder to fall out of place and look like it is floating or unattached from the torso.  Floating shoulder is most commonly associated with direct car accident trauma or failure to seek proper treatment after an injury has occurred.

Other injuries occur by fractures or dislocations.  The shoulder blade, collar bone, and upper arm bone, humerus, can be fractured thus affecting the shoulder’s movement.  Dislocations can occur to any of the three joints that make up the shoulder.

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