Rise in Massachusetts Child Abuse Cases May Be Tied to Recession

Historically, during times of recession there has been a corresponding rise in child abuse. Many experts relate this to economic woes and tense situations in the home. The current U.S. recession has been no exception to this rule. In 2009, The Department of Children and Families reported a 5-year-high in child abuse cases.

In support of this theory, Boston hospitals have seen an increase in Massachusetts child abuse cases reported since the recession began in 2007. Not only have there been more reports of child physical abuse cases, but there has been a similar spike in cases of child neglect in Massachusetts. Some families can’t even afford to provide the proper medical attention for their children. In one instance reported by Reuters, a 9-year-old diabetic boy was hospitalized when his mother could not make the payments that were necessary to treat his disease.

In Boston, a high number of cases have been referred to the Suffolk County District Attorney. If parents are prosecuted and placed under arrest, the children are often left in the care of relatives, or placed in foster homes. Meanwhile, the teetering economy has lead to budget cuts for hospitals and state agencies that help to fight child abuse in Massachusetts.

If there is any indication that a child has been abused you should contact the Massachusetts social services.

Next, it would be in your best interest to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney that specializes in child abuse in Massachusetts. It is important that the lawyer has handled these types of cases and that they understand child abuse.

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