WRONGFUL BANK FORECLOSURES AND SEIZURES: 5 Steps You Can Take to STOP Banks from Illegally Seizing Your Home When You Have No Mortgage with the Bank or Are Up-To-Date on Your Mortgage Payments

Once the wrongful foreclosure train starts, it is hard to stop it until it arrives at its destination: seizure, lock-out, "trash out," and sale of YOUR home.

Banks have been seizing homes ILLEGALLY even when:

1) You Have No Mortgage with the Bank Trying to Foreclose . . . But the Bank Still Forecloses. We have been telling people this, and they just don't believe it. "Not in this country," they say. But it's true! There are cases in Massachusetts, Texas, Kentucky, Florida, and Nevada, and we suspect it is happening in other states. Banks are seizing homes for which they do not service a mortgage, and do not have a right to enter!

2) You Are Current on Loan Modification Agreement Payments . . . But the Bank Still Forecloses. This is also true. We personally know this is happening in Massachusetts, and we suspect this is happening in other states. Banks have been so slow to process loan modification agreements and to notify their foreclosure sharks that the borrower is paid up, that the foreclosure train continues right on down the track to seizure of the home.

3) You Have Paid Off Your Loan with the Bank . . . But the Bank Still Forecloses

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