The Graduate Protection Plan by Phillips Garcia Law

130404 Graduate Prot Plan Flyer_001As attorneys who have represented victims of serious and catastrophic injuries, we know all too well that a family’s life can change in a matter of seconds. A car accident, a truck accident, a bicycle accident can rip a loved one away and leave them unable to communicate and make their own decisions.

Tragic accidents and injuries aren’t limited to just adults, though.  They happen to children who are just on the threshold of adulthood every day. What many parents fail to realize, however, is that when their child turns 18 they become a legal adult in the eyes of the law. What this means is that parents no longer have the automatic right to make medical and legal decisions for their 18 year old “child” when that child can’t make those decisions.130404 Graduate Prot Plan Flyer_002

That’s why we created the Graduate Protection Plan – so that if your adult child ever becomes incapacitated then you’ll be able to talk to their doctors, make critical medical decisions for them and make legal decisions without having to through the lengthy and expensive process of getting a court order.

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