Snow and Ice Damage Insurance Claim Flat-Fee Legal Service

150306_PocketGuide_SnowAndIce_3D__3_“We’ve done something we’ve never done before…and may never do again.”

We sat down and specifically designed a straight-forward, “No Surprise Bill” Flat-Fee Legal Service for Ice Dam and Snow Damage Claims to meet the legal needs of homeowners and business owners who fall victim to insurance company tactics.

With our years of dealing with insurance claims, we expect that companies will wrongfully deny and reduce some valid ice dam and snow accumulation damage claims. Many homeowners and business owners will have to fight for their rights to be paid their insurance benefits.

Our Flat-Fee Legal Service eliminates the common problems with contingency fee and hourly based legal services:

  • We do not take 1/3 of your insurance claim check as a fee (how can you repair your house or business if 1/3 of the insurance check goes to a lawyer?)
  • The amount you decide to spend for legal fees is fixed and pre-determined in advance
  • The legal service and fee are fixed and clearly defined in writing before work starts
  • There are no surprise legal bills

Our Flat-Fee Legal Service is designed to help homeowners and business owners like you who:

  • Simply do not want to deal with their insurance company
  • Do not have the time to deal with their insurance company
  • Need the leverage an attorney can bring to the claims process
  • Want their coverage reviewed and assessed by an attorney
  • Want to counter a wrongful denial or reduction of their claim
  • Want to counter an insurance company’s ‘low ball’ offer
  • Wnat to establish the proper paper trail with their insurance company to prove bad faith
  • Need to send a Consumer Demand Letter to their insurance company
  • Need an assessment of their legal rights against their insurance company
  • Need an assessment of whether they should sue their insurance company

Don’t Wait to Contact Us, It May Be Too Late – Limit of 50 Claims

We believe that our Flat Fee Legal Service is so unique and will be in such high demand that we will only be accepting a limited number of 50 homeowner and business owners for ice dam and snow damage claims in our first round of representations.

PG Law is not a high volume firm. We select a limited number of cases. We do not handle all types of consumer rights cases. That is WHY we are limiting the number of snow and ice damage claims. Our firm has a long history of taking on large corporations…a David & Goliath-type of fight. We’ve battled big insurance companies, big banks and big credit card companies throughout our history. We are licensed to practice law in Massachusetts.

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