Foreclosure Lock-Outs & Trash-Outs: A Free Guide to Your Consumer Rights

Foreclosures are reaching an all time high across the country. With the increased number of foreclosures, more and more homeowners have become victims of illegal foreclosure lock-outs where their homes are wrongfully seized by banks and over-zealous property management companies (called “lock-out” or “trash-out” companies). Homeowners’ possessions are often stolen during this trash-out process or simply thrown in the local landfill.

As Wrongful Foreclosure Lawyers, we hear stories like this all the time from Americans all over the country.  And, the stories seem to be getting worse.  The problem is that most states have very specific laws about notifying homeowners in advance of a bank seizing a home or a trash-out crew coming in to lock you out of your property. But, with the increased number of homes being foreclosed on, some banks and lock-out companies have been ignoring these laws.

Victimized homeowners are justifiably dazed and confused. Local law enforcement officials are generally doing nothing about the situation and usually tell consumers that it is a “civil matter, no crime has been committed.”  Consumers don’t know where to turn to find out their legal rights.  That’s why we wrote this FREE Report – because homeowners DO HAVE legal rights and remedies against banks and trash-out companies that flout the law.

Read what some of our clients who have been victimized by illegal lockouts have to say:

The attorneys were very professional and I felt as though they always had by best interest in mind. I felt as though they cared about what was best for me and my family and not just what was the easiest or best solution for them. Without these attorneys I feel that the bank would have been able to take advantage of me and I would have lost against a large corporation. I would have been pushed around and just another number to the bank. N.L. – Massachusetts- Victim of Wrongful Foreclosure Lockout & Trashout