Recalled Toyotas Are Affecting Consumer Safety

February 9, 2010 – Millions of consumers have been affected by the Toyota recalls and many probably have questions about what they should do to protect their safety.

If you have been impacted by either pedal or floor mat issues, or unexpected acceleration, know that you are not alone. Stories are pouring in across the country of Toyota drivers who have suffered personal injuries in car accidents caused by the recalled vehicles. There have even been cases of people being killed in crashes involving the recalled Toyotas.

While Toyota representatives continually claim that most vehicles do not have issues with acceleration or faulty pedals, and that driving your Toyota is safe, you are probably having a hard time driving with confidence after the product recall.

At Phillips & Garcia, we’re beginning to hear from concerned Massachusetts drivers who have experienced terrifying and life-threatening situations in their own Toyota vehicles.

Two Scary Examples of Toyota Avalon Acceleration Malfunctions

The owner of a Toyota Avalon was driving along the Massachusetts Turnpike when suddenly it accelerated to over 90 mph. He could do nothing to stop it! The driver slammed on the brakes and the Toyota Avalon spun out of control and collided into the guardrail (which he estimates may have saved him from flipping over) in the break down lane facing oncoming traffic.

The Toyota Avalon was repaired and his insurance company paid for the damage – literally in the tens of thousands of dollars. The Avalon owner was out of pocket his deductible and Toyota said there was nothing wrong – that they could find – with the car.

Another driver and his wife were driving home to Massachusetts from Maine when their Toyota Avalon suddenly accelerated to almost 100 mph while traveling on the highway. The driver put his foot under the gas pedal trying to lift it up to no avail. The brakes were no use either and he could smell them burning. Finally, the driver displayed quick-thinking in a life-and-death situation, shifting the speeding, out-of-control vehicle into neutral and managing to ease onto the shoulder. Fortunately, the driver’s quick-thinking saved him and his wife from a serious accident, but not from the fear that it would happen again.

When they took their malfunctioning Avalon to a nearby Toyota dealer, the dealer tried to blame the sudden acceleration on the floor mats. The driver disagreed. Their Avalon seemed to work normally for a couple of months after visiting the dealership, but then it happened again!

Though these particular drivers were able to avoid a potentially deadly highway accident, the next driver might not be so lucky. Drivers of recalled Toyotas should not have to fear for their lives every time they get behind the wheel.

If you have noticed any problems with your gas or brake pedals, or you have noticed any signs of unexpected acceleration, stop using your vehicle and contact a Toyota dealer immediately. Be aware that most dealers have yet to receive the parts necessary to fix the issue, and many are waiting on Toyota for directions on how to handle these safety issues.

If you have been impacted by the Toyota recall, you may consider filing a class action lawsuit with a local Massachusetts class action attorney.

If you’ve been injured in a crash involving a recalled Toyota, the Massachusetts personal injury attorneys at Phillips & Garcia will fight for your rights in your personal injury case. We are committed to protecting your best interests and helping you collect the damages you need and deserve to move on with your life. If you have been injured in a Massachusetts accident, contact Phillips & Garcia today to schedule your FREE legal consultation – (877) 892-5620.

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