Reasons to File a Massachusetts Personal Injury Claim

Some personal injuries sustained in Massachusetts car accidents are so devastating and tragic that the victims will undoubtedly face a lifetime of pain and challenges. When a Massachusetts woman had her arm severed a few years ago in a drunk-driving accident caused by a negligent driver, she forever had her life shaped by the careless decisions of another person.

The drunk driver was a man employed by the 99 Restaurants of Boston, Mass. After being served alcohol at his employer’s bar following a kitchen shift, he got into his car with passenger Laurie Clifford, and subsequently collided with a bus. Because of injuries suffered during the Massachusetts drunk driving accident, doctors were forced to amputate Clifford’s arm.

The accident victim sued for personal injuries and after a lengthy trial, a Massachusetts court ordered 99 Restaurants to pay Clifford $3.2 million in damages plus an additional $1.8 million in interest.

It’s important to know that in Massachusetts, extreme physical injury-such as this victim’s tragic loss of a limb-is not the only reason for compensating car accident victims.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you might also experience:

  • symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder;
  • emotional distress;
  • anxiety;
  • shock;
  • damaged relationships; OR
  • loss of income.

If you have been in a car accident and would like help assessing your personal injury case, you should contact a Massachusetts personal injury attorney right away.

The Massachusetts car accident attorneys at Phillips & Garcia will fight for your rights in your personal injury case. We are committed to protecting your rights and helping you collect the damages you deserve move on with you life. If you have been injured in a Massachusetts crash, contact Phillips & Garcia today to schedule your FREE legal evaluation with a Massachusetts personal injury attorney – (877) 892-5620.

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