Wrongful Bank Foreclosure

Legal Help for Wrongful Bank Foreclosure and Seizure in Any State.  Phillips & Garcia, P.C., a leading law firm in wrongful foreclosure and seizure cases, is now taking cases in any state where there has been a wrongful foreclosure, lock-out and trash-out of a borrower’s home.  We are licensed in Massachusetts and associate with a qualified attorney in your state.

Wrongful Bank Foreclosure

Banks are foreclosing on properties all across the country at a record rate.  The foreclosure practices of many banks, like Bank of America, have been extremely sloppy.  Sometimes in the process of foreclosing, banks are seizing homes and trashing-out homeowners’ personal possessions in the following cirumstances:

  • The Homeowner Has No Loan with the Bank
  • The Borrower Is Up-to-Date on All Mortgage Payments
  • The Borrower Is Up to Date on Payments Under a Valid Loan Modification Agreement
  • Homeowners feel violated and abused by these banks who often fail to even apologize or pay them for the home invasion and the damage and destruction to the homeowners’ property and personal possessions.  We know of cases from Michigan to Massachusetts to Florida and there seems to be no limit to what steps a bank will take to seize a home or property once the foreclosure train starts down the track.
Arizona Couple Sues Over Wrongful Foreclosure on Paid Off Loan

Do I Have Any Rights When the Bank Wrongfully Seizes My Home and Property?

The good news is that the law provides homeowners protection against banks who wrongfully seize their property and possessions.  Homeowners have the right to sue the bank in either state or federal court and to request full economic justice for the home invasion, destruction to their property and the tremendous anxiety, fear and stress caused by a home invasion.

Should I Accept the Money the Bank Offered Me?

We have heard of banks offering borrowers and homeowners “pennies on the dollar” for the damage caused in a wrongful seizure of their home.  We strongly encourage borrowers and homeowners to consult with our office before accepting any offer from a bank.  Your case is typically worth more than just the value of physical damage to your property and the loss of your possessions.  Many times the bank throws out family possessions that are irreplaceable, such as family photographs.  In addition, the bank’s invasion of your home and property has a value seperate from the dollar value to pay for property damage and replace lost possessions.

Will Phillips & Garcia Consider My Wrongful Lock-out and Trash-out Case?

We are listening to the stories of homeowners all across the country and representing homeowners in lawsuits against banks on a contingent fee basis.  If we are not successful, our clients pay no fees or costs.  We provide a Free Consultation to all potential clients.

We are licensed to practice law in Massachusetts.  We associate with local lawyers in other states and ask the state or federal court judges to admit us to practice in other states on a case by case basis.

How Do I Contact Phillips & Garcia Regarding a Wrongful Bank Seizure Case?

You can contact us by filling out the Contact Information in the box to the right or by calling us for a free consultation by dialing us toll free at 1-877-892-5620 or  by dialing 508-998-0800.