Personal Injury Protection (PIP) in a No-Fault State

In no-fault states such as Massachusetts, where the state has moved away from a fault-based system, the idea of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance is fairly common. This agreement can be found in your auto insurance policy as something of an extension.  PIP insurance is actually compulsory in no-fault states, including Massachusetts.

Advantages of Personal Injury Protection

PIP insurance allows you to obtain compensation for injuries and lost wages without having to prove an auto accident was the fault of the other driver. This means that several of your needs can be addressed right away without having to become involved in Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit.

Personal Injury Protection allows that several factors can be compensated for without the necessity of proof of fault. These include:


  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages
  • Reimbursement of Certain Necessary Services


Disadvantages of Personal Injury Protection

No system is perfect, and PIP insurance is no exception. Because Personal Injury Protection doesn’t always allow for the full amount of a car accident victim’s injuries and damages, PIP does not eliminate the need for Massachusetts personal injury lawsuits.

Exceptions under Massachusetts No-Fault that allow for personal injury lawsuits include:


  • If your medical bills top a predetermined monetary threshold
  • You have been severely injured or permanently disfigured in your crash


Also, PIP insurance does not guarantee that you will receive compensation for car rental fees, towing, or storage fees. These must be worked out with your insurer and the party at fault. This calls into question the No-Fault basis for PIP, because in many cases in which compensation is desperately needed, fault must be determined. This can usually only be done with the help of a legal professional, such as a Massachusetts personal injury attorney. 

For more information on Massachusetts No-Fault laws, visit our library.

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