Pennsylvania Pet Stolen In Wrongful Seizure of Home By Bank of America

Since we first filed the case against Bank of America on hehalf of our clients Charlie and Maria Cardoso, consumers across the country have been contacting us with their wrongful foreclosure stories.  We just heard a story out of Pennsylvania that Bank of America’s trash-out team seized and ransacked a home with no legal right to enter the premises and stole the homeowner’s pet bird in the process.

It was reported to us that the Pennsylvania homeowner was not behind on her mortgage when Bank of America foreclosed.  It is not clear what happened but it appears as though Bank Of America foreclosed on the wrong house — again.  We have reported similar complaints against Bank of America and Countrywide in Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, Kentucky and Nevada.  We can now add Pennsylvania to the list.

In the Pennsylvania case, we were told that Bank of America changed the locks and ransacked the house by spreading bird seed all over parts of the house.  The homeowner apparently had a pet bird that was alive and well when the trash-out team entered.  The bird was an obvious red flag that the home was not abandoned and someone was still living in the house.   It is reported that the bank’s trash-out team stole the pet bird.  It took the homeowner a week to get her pet bird back.

We are hearing more and more stories every day and will continue to update our blog.  We hear there is another big problem on a home in Florida and hope to report on that case tomorrow.

There is a problem in the foreclosure industry bigger than we ever would have imagined.  An investigation needs to be launched in Washington to determine the extent of this national problem.   However, is anyone in Washington really listening?

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