Massachusetts Bicycle Laws and Accidents

Massachusetts bicycle laws help make the roads and paths safe for everyone. If you’re a bicyclist, these laws offer quite a bit of freedom. In fact, Massachusetts law states that the commissioner of an area is required to make sure that there are accommodations for bicycle traffic.

There are exceptions to this of course, such as when creating such accommodations would endanger others, or cause problems with the existing right-of-way. The commissioner must even set aside funds for the construction and maintenance of bikeways.

These provisions give you all kinds of options while bicycling. Of course, they also come with rules and responsibilities that need to be followed. However, in the event of an accident between you (a bicyclist) and a motorized vehicle, the responsibility often falls on the vehicle driver. This is true even if you weren’t strictly following Massachusetts bicycle laws.

Clearly, the state government puts in a great deal of effort into creating and maintaining bike paths, something that drivers must respect. As such, if you are the victim of a bicycle accident, you may have good cause for pursuing a Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit against the driver. Recovering from the physical, psychological and financial costs of an accident can be difficult, and a capable personal injury lawyer may be able to make the process easier.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident in Massachusetts, a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer can help you seek fair compensation for your injuries. An experienced Massachusetts personal injury lawyer will piece together details of the incident to determine who was responsible and who should be held accountable. You may be able to receive compensation for physical and emotional trauma, loss of wages, medical bills and other damages.

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