Is The Medicine Ball Prescribed By My Therapist Covered By My Massachusetts PIP Insurance?

In the course of getting medical treatment for injuries suffered in a Massachusetts auto accident, physical therapists and other medical specialists will frequently prescribe rehab equipment that can be used outside the medical office. Two good examples of this are medicine balls or back braces.

When a patient receives this kind of medical advice, they will typically go to the local pharmacy or even sports store and buy the equipment off the shelf using their own money “out of pocket.” So the question then becomes whether their Personal Injury Protection coverage will reimburse them for this out of pocket expense.

The answer lies in the language of the Mass. Auto Insurance Policy describing PIP. An auto insurer is required to pay for reasonable and necessary medical services that are related (or as a result of) to your Massachusetts auto accident.

In this example it would seem that the medicine ball or brace recommended by your therapist or specialist would be related to the accident and should, therefore, be covered by PIP. The key to getting reimbursement, though, is in the “documentation.” The auto insurer is usually going to require good paperwork from you to substantiate the out of pocket charge. For example, the insurer may want you to produce a copy of a prescription from the medical provider and the receipt from the pharmacy or store where you bought the equipment.

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