Who pays the lawyer fees in a class action lawsuit?

You probably have a lot of questions if you are considering a class action lawsuit. If you have already been taken advantage of financially, there may be some concerns regarding who pays the lawyer fees in a class action lawsuit. A class action lawyer in Massachusetts can answer all of your questions, including those related to class action lawyer fees.

It’s important to understand that anyone who decides to hire an attorney should always discuss the attorney’s fee structure before retaining their services.

When money damages are being sought in a class action lawsuit there is usually a common fund from which lawyers are paid. This is the money that is recovered in a class action lawsuit. If a class action lawsuit involves declaratory judgments or injunctive relief, then the lawyer’s fees are paid by whoever hires them. In some cases, it may be paid by the people or companies that are being sued.

A court will review and approve attorney’s fee awards. If an award is made in a common fund case, then a percentage of the monies available to the class action claimants will be given to the attorney. Typically, a benchmark award of 25% of the total monies in the common fund is given. However, this amount can be either increased or decreased. All of this depends on the specifics of the case.

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