What kinds of class action lawsuits does your firm handle?

Nothing is more frustrating than to be cheated, scammed or deceived by a company you trusted. Consumers are protected against companies that are deceptive by law. One person may not be able to make a difference against a billion dollar corporation, but a group of people filing a class action lawsuit can. A Massachusetts class action lawyer can help you.

At Phillips & Garcia we fight for your consumer rights. You may be wondering what kinds of class action lawsuits our firm handles. Our class action lawyers are innovators in the field of defending consumers’ rights and helping them to receive the compensation they are due.

Our law firm handles a variety of class action lawsuits, some of which involve:

Credit card companies
Insurance companies
Debt collectors
Internet transactions
Phone and cable
Employees’ wages, hours and misclassifications
Financial or medical information disclosures
Medical insurance billing errors

These are just some of the types of class action lawsuits that may be filed. Filing a class action lawsuit requires the experience and expertise of attorneys who are knowledgeable in this area and who aren’t afraid to forge the way in recognizing and stopping new areas of consumer malpractice.

If you have other questions about the potential benefits to filing a class action lawsuit or if your case would qualify, contact the Massachusetts class action lawyers at Phillips & Garcia to schedule your FREE legal consultation today – 1-877-892-5620.