What is the process for a class action lawsuit?

It’s easy to feel confused with the potentially thousands of class members involved in your class action lawsuit. Depending on the scope of the case and the parties involved, it may last a very long time. It’s important to know what your rights and responsibilities are when involved in a class action lawsuit.

How do I become involved in a class action lawsuit?

You may have heard about a class action lawsuit against a company you did business with, such as a cable company, bank, mortgage company, credit card company or employer. This occurs when a large number of individuals feel damaged by the actions of another party, usually a large corporation. When you are informed of your eligibility to participate in such a lawsuit you have 3 options:

Agree to join the lawsuit and file a claim
Request exclusion from the class and forfeit any rights to settlement
Do nothing and not share in the distribution of the settlement

What happens when a settlement is reached?

The final settlement is approved by the lead plaintiff at the settlement hearing, which you as a class member are not required to attend. As long as you did not opt-out-of the class action lawsuit and you filed a claim, you are entitled to a share of the settlement as determined by its size and the number of class members involved. You can attempt to file a late claim, though it may or may not be approved.

Contacting a Massachusetts Class Action Attorney

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