What is the Massachusetts Victims of Drunk Driving Trust Fund?

In 2002, the Massachusetts government issued a statute to create the Victims of Drunk Driving Trust Fund (DDTF) in cooperation with the state treasury and Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (MOVA). The DDTF has since been aiding providers with financial grants so that they can continue to provide free services to the victims and families of those involved and injured in drunk driving crashes.

How is the DDTF Funded?

Any driver in Massachusetts who is convicted of, placed on probation for or pleads guilty to driving while drunk is fined a $50 fee which is non-negotiable and not subject to any sort of waiver. The state treasurer holds custody of the funds and distributes them as necessary to local programs awarded grants by the MOVA.

What programs does MOVA support and how are they chosen?

MOVA has a criteria of eligibility that an agency or program must adhere to in order to receive funding from the DDTF. The criteria includes:

Agency capacity
Demonstrating a record of effective services
Coordinating public and private events
Assisting with victim compensation
Creating public awareness campaigns
Compliance with DDTF provisions and guidelines
Client-counselor confidentiality

Contacting a Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorney

If your family is suffering because of a drunk driving accident, you are not alone. Funds like the DDTF can offer the help that you may need to cope with this traumatic event.

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