What is My Case Worth?

People ask us this question all the time. Our answer is always the same – run fast and far from any lawyer who tells you exactly what your “case is worth” because they’re not telling you the truth.

The method for determining the value of your case is based on how a jury would decide it. Since no one can predict how a particular jury would rule on your specific case, then several factors must be considered: all the evidence and facts of your case; who is at fault; how severe are your injuries; how much are your medical bills and lost wages; the county in Massachusetts in which the case is pending; even what type of witness you make when testifying.

Good lawyers have a general idea of a value range of a potential case based on a review of all these factors and their past experience with other cases like yours. All good trial lawyers, the ones worth hiring, know that there are too many variables to predict an outcome at the beginning of your case.