What is an Internet bait and switch scam?

Although the Internet can be a helpful and useful tool, it is can also be deceptive. Unfortunately many people have fallen prey to Internet bait and switch scams. An Internet bait and switch scam occurs when a product or service is deceptively advertised. The bait is an advertisement that appeals to you. The switch is when you get something other than what was offered. This also usually means that you end up paying more for what was initially promised.

You may think that because you were the victim of a bait and switch scam on the Internet that you have no recourse. In fact, you may be eligible to file a consumer class action lawsuit.

In a bait and switch, false impressions or illustrations may be advertised but the consumer later finds they were switched from what was advertised to an entirely different product. False advertising on the Internet is punishable, just as it is anywhere else. No advertisement may offer a product or service when it is not a bona fide offer.

In some cases, the bait and switch is an offer to receive something. A consumer may click on the link and instead, be redirected to an entirely different website. Some consumers who end up on these websites find themselves getting charged for something they never agreed to.

If you have been the victim of an Internet bait and switch scam, you may have the right to file a class action lawsuit. A Massachusetts class action attorney can help determine if you are due compensation from damages that you may have received because of fraudulent advertising. If others have suffered the same wrong, an attorney can help all the consumers affected by the same illegal and unethical practices to fight back against the corporation responsible.

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