What is a wrongful foreclosure?

Banks and mortgage companies are foreclosing on record amounts of properties during the current economic crisis. During this time, mistakes are made, paperwork is lost or changed, unethical banking practices take place and unfortunately home owners are losing their homes to wrongful foreclosure through no fault of their own.

You should not be at risk of foreclosure if:

You own your property free and clear
You are up-to-date on your mortgage payments
You are in compliance with a valid loan modification program
Your property was sold in a short sale

If the bank still forecloses on your property, locks you out of your home, or damages/destroys your personal belongings, remember that you have rights and you can fight back! An experienced Massachusetts wrongful foreclosure attorney can help you examine your situation and advise you on the best legal course of action.

How a Massachusetts Wrongful Foreclosure Attorney Can Help

If your bank is harassing you about foreclosing on your property when you know you should be protected, don’t wait until they knock at your door! Knowing your rights and options, and getting help from a Massachusetts wrongful foreclosure attorney, will help protect you and your family from losing your home or help you recover compensation for the damages and losses you suffered due to your wrongful foreclosure.

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