Should I talk to the insurance company before hiring a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer?

If you are involved in a Massachusetts car accident, you will be dealing with insurance companies, both your own and the other driver’s. The best way to get a fair settlement is to retain an experienced Massachusetts personal injury lawyer who can negotiate and communicate with the insurance adjustor on your behalf.

So, what if the insurance companies start calling before you have hired a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer? The answer is; you should not talk to the other party’s insurance company. You are required, however, to inform your own insurance company that an accident has taken place involving your vehicle and that you intend to seek damages from the other party.

The other insurance company will likely try to contact you immediately in the hopes of getting you to give them information that would damage or ruin your Massachusetts personal injury claim. Do not talk to them or allow them to record any conversation you have.

In general, it is best to let your Massachusetts personal injury lawyer handle your communication efforts with both insurance companies. What may seem like a harmless remark or innocent phrasing has the potential to damage your claim. This is the time to let your lawyer do the talking for you.

The information that was given to your insurance company at the outset should have been sufficient to allow them to process your claim. Any other information should be filtered through your lawyer.

Another important thing to remember is, do not agree to sign any documents. Even more so than what you say over the phone, what you sign can be used against you in court. Your Massachusetts personal injury lawyer should read over any documents presented to you to prevent you from accidentally signing away your rights.

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