Should I settle my personal injury claim or go to trial?

If you were injured in a Massachusetts accident, secured a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer, and informed all involved parties and insurance companies of your intent to seek compensation, you’ll usually be presented with an insurance settlement offer from the insurance company. In fact, this offer may come before you’ve informed them of your personal injury claim, if their client is clearly at-fault.

It then becomes your decision to accept that settlement offer, negotiate a new settlement or go to court. Whether or not you and your lawyer decide to accept the insurance company’s offer will depend on that offer and if it adequately compensates you for your accident injuries and expenses. If it does not, the settlement negotiation process can begin. If those negotiations come to a standstill and your lawyer believes that a trial is your best choice for fair compensation, you can then take your claim to court.

Most insurance companies would much rather settle for a fair amount than involve themselves in a long and costly court trial, so chances are they will offer you a fair settlement if courtroom litigation looks like the next step. That is another important reason why you and your Massachusetts personal injury lawyer should always prepare your case as if you are headed for a trial. This way the insurance company knows you are serious and they are more apt to offer a fair insurance settlement for your claim.

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