Should I pay my medical bills if I have filed a Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit?

Once you decide to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in Massachusetts, you should start interviewing lawyers to determine who will help handle your case. An experienced Massachusetts personal injury attorney can tell you in what instances to pay your medical bills right away instead of waiting for your potential accident settlement.

The stress of managing new costs compounded with the pain and trauma of a serious injury has the potential to cause psychological complications. It is understandable that you would like to defer some bills until after your Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit has concluded.

An experienced Massachusetts personal injury attorney will consult the insurance plan that you may already have in place to see how that coverage can assist with your medical bills. Your lawyer may also be able to work with your medical providers on your behalf to postpone their collection efforts.

The attorney for your Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit will:

Act as liaison between you and the medical providers
Reduce the collection calls for your outstanding bills from both the collections’ companies and the hospitals
Put a hold on the barrage of bills until your case has been settled either in or out of court

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