I told the police and other party that I felt OK after my accident; did I ruin my personal injury case?

Even if you told the police and other parties involved in your accident that you felt OK immediately following the event, you did not necessarily ruin the possibility for an insurance settlement.

Many times, soft tissue injuries do not manifest until days after an accident. Likewise, closed head injuries severe enough to result in disability or even death may only become symptomatic hours or days after the initial accident. Such injuries can provide a reason for an insurance settlement.

First, you should go to the hospital or to your doctor for a complete medical evaluation. Sometimes, the injury heals itself in a few days and you will be left with few, if any, physical reminders of the accident. In other instances, the delayed onset of pain associated with your accident injuries could result in difficulty with mobility and pain that can last for months or years and can negatively impact your ability to work and quality of life.

If your doctor diagnoses your injuries as serious or long-term (meaning you’ll need more than $2,000 worth of medical care) then you will probably want to pursue an insurance settlement to help pay for:

Medical expenses
Loss of enjoyment of life
Lost wages

Your Massachusetts personal injury lawyer can help work with the medical providers and insurance companies to hopefully postpone any medical bill collection until your accident claim is settled.

Supply your Massachusetts personal injury lawyer with your medical records and any other documentation that deals with the aftermath of your injury. If you were harmed by the negligence of another person, you deserve to have all of the unexpected costs associated with the trauma paid in the form of an insurance settlement.

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