I Found Out That A Driver Who Ran Me Over Had His License Suspended as an “Immediate Threat.” What does that mean?

The power to give something usually comes with the power to take it away. Not only does the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles have the authority to issue drivers licenses, it also has the power to take them away. When the Register determines that someone poses an immediate threat to public safety, the RMV can immediately revoke a license, learner’s permit or right to operate for an indefinite period of time. An example of an “immediate threat” might be someone who has multiple moving violations over the course of several years. 

The fact that the operator of the vehicle that hit you had his license revoked because he/she was deemed an immediate threat could be used as evidence of negligence.  If you’re a pedestrian and have been hurt by an unlicensed driver, you should consult with a qualified injury attorney to learn your rights.