How do I write a Massachusetts 93A Demand Letter?

When your interaction with a company has harmed or injured you because of their unfair or deceptive business practices, you may be considering filing a lawsuit against them to recover your losses. Before you can take any other legal action however, you must first write and send a Massachusetts 93A Demand Letter.

The laws governing what is unfair and/or deceptive toward consumers fall under the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act. Under this law, an individual or business that can prove a company’s illegal or unethical actions resulted in harm or loss can sue for damages.

How to Write a Massachusetts 93A Demand Letter

Before you can seek remedy through a lawsuit in any Massachusetts court, you must send the prospective defendant (the company you intend to sue) a Massachusetts 93A Demand Letter, also called a 30-Day Demand Letter because the company has 30 days to respond.

In business format, write your full name and address and the company’s name and address. In the first paragraph of your Massachusetts demand letter, state and describe the unfair practice or deceptive act. Be sure to include the dates involved in the transaction(s).

Next, explain the injury you suffered as a result. Be brief and use accurate wording to state exactly how you were injured as a consumer. Finally, in the last section of your demand letter, state the amount you are demanding to recover.

Send your Massachusetts 93A Demand Letter by both regular and certified mail. Keep copies of postal receipts as well as of the Massachusetts demand letter for your records and for evidence in your lawsuit should the company in question not comply with the demands stated in your letter.

Contacting a Massachusetts Consumer Protection Attorney

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