Can my boss deduct money from my paycheck for making mistakes at work?

Your boss is not allowed make unauthorized wage deductions from your pay under Massachusetts wage payment law. The only exception is when an employee quits after receiving a pay advance.

If you have caused property damages to your employer while working, then your employer must file a separate claim against you rather than making any unauthorized wage deductions to recoup the loss. Under Massachusetts law, any employer deductions from your paycheck other than taxes can only occur through your written consent.

In that case, you would have given written permission for your employer to make wage deductions for specific damages to work-related property, which would then authorize the employer deductions to take place. However, even in the case of employee authorization, Massachusetts wage payment law states that wage deductions cannot result in the employee making less than the minimum wage.

For more information or to file a formal complaint, you can contact the Attorney General’s Fair Labor Hotline at 617-727-3465.

If you work for a larger employer or company and discover from other employees that unauthorized wage deductions are occurring, you should contact a class action lawsuit attorney immediately.

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