A neighbor’s dog attacked my child, should I deal with the neighbor (or their insurance company) on my own

Your child has just suffered injury after being attacked by a neighbor’s dog. You are likely to be dealing with medical bills resulting from the injury, not to mention the emotional damage and stress you and your child have suffered from the attack. Rather than attempting to deal with the issue on your own-by speaking to the neighbor or their insurance company directly-you should consider hiring an experienced Massachusetts child injury attorney.

Why should I seek a child injury claim after a dog attack?

You should never take any sort of dog attack injury lightly, even if it was “just a scratch,” and required nothing more than a bandage or a few stitches. Your neighbor has a responsibility to keep their pet controlled at all times so it does not pose a threat to others.

Dog attacks can be severe enough to require cosmetic surgery to avoid disfigurement, and often require therapy to overcome emotional trauma. All of these expenses can be compensated with a successful child injury claim brought forth with the help of an experienced Massachusetts child injury attorney.

What can a Massachusetts child injury attorney do for me?

The right Massachusetts child injury attorney for the job will have prior experience in dog attacks and be able to pursue the best course of action in your claim. In most cases, the neighbor’s insurance company should cover the damages, but you may need to file suit to receive full compensation. Your attorney should be able to handle negotiations and settlements from the insurance company on your behalf.

Contacting a Massachusetts Child Injury Attorney

You should be focusing on helping your child recover from the neighbor’s dog attack, not insurance companies and medical bills. For experienced help in Massachusetts child injury cases, contact the Massachusetts child injury attorneys at Phillips & Garcia to schedule your FREE legal consultation today – 1-877-892-5620.