Detroit Free Press Reports on Wrongful Foreclosures and Lock-Outs

The Detroit Free Press published a story today about illegal foreclosure lock-outs and trash-outs called, “Foreclosures Go Wrong as Lenders, Cleanup Crews Cut Legal Corners.”  Credit goes out to the reporters John Wisely and L.L. Brasier for writing about an important issue which our firm has been attempting to expose for quite some time.  The article features two illegal lock-outs in Michigan, one of which involves our clients Rick and Sheri Rought.

As we reported here a while back, trash-out company Field Asset Services and its subcontractors changed the locks on a house the Roughts had purchased from Deutsche Bank for cash.  After the sale, Field Asset Services’ contractors came back to the house on three occasions, winterizing the Roughts’ home and trashing-out all possessions the Roughts had in the house.

The Rought case reported by the Detroit Free Press is particularly troubling because the Roughts did not have a loan with any bank.  The Roughts are the collateral damage of the foreclosure boom sweeping across the country.  We know of reports of illegal lock-outs and/or trash-outs in Florida, Massachusetts, Nebraska, California, Washington, Michigan, Kentucky, Nevada and Pennyslvania.  We represent homeowners in illegal lock-outs in many of these states.

The number of illegal lock-outs and trash-outs is either rising or homeowners are finally realizing that they have legal rights and are not going to standby idly while their property rights are trampled by faceless servicers managing massive pools of securitized loans.  Homeowners who need to learn more about their rights can always request our free report, “Foreclosure Lock-Outs and Trash-Outs: Consumers Have Rights” posted on our Home page.  Homeowners with questions can continue to call us directly at 877-892-5620 or fill out and send in a confidential Contact Form.

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