Consulting a Personal Injury Attorney When Settling With an Insurance Company

If you have been injured in Massachusetts and are settling a case with an insurance company in regards to your personal injury claim, you should consult with a Massachusetts personal injury attorney before signing any paperwork. Failing to meet with a personal injury lawyer can result in you accidentally signing away your rights to a fair settlement.

An experienced Massachusetts personal injury attorney can make sure that you are getting what you deserve from both your insurance company and the defendant’s insurance company by determining how the negligence that caused your injury is truly impacting your life.

Your Massachusetts personal injury attorney should work with you to calculate a fair settlement based on your: 

  • current medical bills,
  • related medical supplies,
  • lost wages,
  • future treatments necessary for your condition, and
  • other related expenses such as transportation, physical therapy, and so on

To learn more about filing personal injury claims in Massachusetts, read How Do I Know If I Have Been Offered a Fair Settlement? 

The Massachusetts personal injury attorneys at Phillips & Garcia will fight for your rights in your personal injury case. We are committed to protecting your best interest and helping you collect the damages you need and deserve to move on with your life. If you have been injured in a Massachusetts accident, contact Phillips & Garcia today to schedule your FREE legal consultation – (877) 892-5620.

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