Client Confidentiality and Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawsuits

Talking about the experience that led to your Massachusetts personal injury claim can be particularly emotional. Your Massachusetts personal injury lawyer should assure you during this process, but you will need to do your part by being completely honest with your attorney and providing them with all the information necessary to defend your personal injury claim.

Some people may be understandably apprehensive to divulge so much private information to a stranger. You may find comfort in knowing that by law your lawyer must keep any information you give them completely confidential. There are some exceptions to this rule, which your attorney will gladly explain if you have questions.

Some examples of information not protected by lawyer confidentiality in a Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit:

  • a client tells their attorney they are planning to harm someone in the future; or
  • a client informs their attorney they plan to commit fraud.  

The other exception to the confidentiality law is when you authorize your Massachusetts personal injury attorney to divulge information that is necessary in order for them to adequately represent you. However, these exceptions rarely come up. The general rule is that any information you and your attorney discuss is kept private, so it is important that you tell them everything honestly and openly.

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