Cambridge Driver Accused of Cape Cod Pedestrian Fatality Lost License in ’09

A Cambridge, Massachusetts man is being held without bail today on charges for a car accident that left one pedestrian dead and four others injured in a seven car pile-up outside a Chatham ice cream parlor. According to reports in the Boston Herald, the accused pleaded not guilty to charges of drunk driving, assault with a dangerous weapon, failure to stop for police, speeding, operating an unregistered vehicle and driving without a license. He is being held without bail pending a “dangerousness hearing” to take place on Wednesday.

In the same Herald report, the accused license had been suspended by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles in 2009 after being deemed an “immediate threat.” According to the RMV’s website, a driver’s license can be suspended if the Register determines that the driver poses an “immediate threat” to public safety.

Harwich police reported that the accused led them on a wild chase through two Cape towns. The chase ended in a seven car pile up outside a popular Chatham ice cream parlor that tragically resulted in the death of a pedestrian.

The accused driver apparently had a history of car chases as he had led police through 12 Cape Cod towns in a high-speed chase back in 2001.

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