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Andrew J. Garcia

The “Early Years”

Andrew J. Garcia is a life-long member of the SouthCoast community and co-founder of Phillips Garcia Law, Andrew Garcia, has devoted his legal career to helping accident victims and their families get the economic justice they deserve following a serious personal injury.

The “Road to Law School”

Mr. Garcia began practicing law shortly after graduating with honors from Boston’s Suffolk University Law School in 1991. Before law school, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree, magna cum laude, in 1988 while studying locally at the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth (then known as Southeastern Massachusetts University, or more commonly, “SMU” by the locals).

Dedication Founded in his Upbringing

Mr. Garcia’s dedication to handling cases of all sizes and complexities with equal effort and enthusiasm came from a simple lesson instilled by his father years ago while the two were building a small tool shed for Garcia’s first home:

My father was taking great pains to make sure that the stud walls were perfectly plumb and square to the deck of the shed – and being the novice that I was, it seemed that he was wasting a lot of time.  So I said to him, “Dad, why are you going through all that…this is just a small shed.”  His reply, and I still remember this vividly to this day, was, “Andy (well, actually he always refers to me as “my boy”), we spend time doing the small jobs right, so that when we do the big jobs, we do ‘em right too.”

A Passion for Protecting Victims

After nearly 20 years of practicing law and representing hundreds of children and families, he is still passionate about advocating for victim’s rights (in cases both large and small), locally in Massachusetts and throughout the United States. Mr. Garcia is licensed in Massachusetts. In addition to practicing law in the trial and probate courts of both states, Mr. Garcia is also admitted to the bars of the United States District Court in Massachusetts and Connecticut; and in 2002 was admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

Mr. Garcia’s legal expertise and devotion to victim advocacy has led him to practice in U.S. District Courts in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, California, Michigan, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

In his career as a wrongful foreclosure lockout attorney he has appeared on NBC’s Today Show and the Fox network’s Fox & Friend’s early morning program, and been quoted in an article in the AARP magazine.

Giving Back to Young Lawyers

In order to help guide future advocates for victims’ rights, Mr. Garcia lectures annually to law students preparing for the Rhode Island bar exam in the area of Rhode Island Civil Procedure.

Andrew is also an adjunct professor at Suffolk University Law School where he teaches The Business of Practice to help prepare young lawyers to run their own law offices in the future.

It’s All About Family

In his time away from practicing law, Andrew enjoys spending time with his blended family. He is also an avid furniture builder and fondly remembers coaching his daughters’ youth soccer teams through the years.

You can visit Andrew’s other websites to see the scope of some of his other legal work protecting families (click here) and small business owners (whom he feels are the back-bone of the American economy) (click here).

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  • Suffolk University Law School: Juris Doctor
  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth: B.A. History – magna cum laude


  • American Bar Association
  • New Bedford Bar Association
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Furniture Building